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Vi har fått denne kollasj-ideen fra kunstneren Ann Thomas i Wales. Ved sitt besøk har hun fanget opp mange “Vega”-scener. Du kan finne ut mer om hennes kollasjer på “Lærernes side".

Dette er hennes tanker rundt ideen om å lage kollasjer: "I had great fun playing! - It was work I really wanted to do. I thought possibly the medium of collage could be helpful as an educational tool for teachers to help inspire pupils, especially those who feel they cannot ‘draw’. Using scissors rather than a pencil is often very productive. Painted/printed papers can be produced in all sorts of ways by individuals or groups of pupils. They can be swapped and shared – photographs, magazines, newspapers – anything goes. Younger pupils could work from stencils – I’ll send images of what I mean by this if you think it’s useful to you. They could use my birds as templates to make their own if they so wished"

Hennes tanker til disse bildene: "The swirls in the brown background reminded me of the curlew I had seen standing on a stone near our inlet when we stayed in Brygga and Naustet this summer. I had a great time sketching this bird at 4am in the morning – couldn’t sleep. The parents paraded three chicks outside our window at this early hour – nowhere were the chicks to be seen during the day. I also liked the marshy vegetation near the stone and went close to draw. Field buttercups were growing just outside our window too. I enclose the sketches – pencil on paper."